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More Blog Updates

There are yet more updates to the blog. The first of which is that we now have an actual domain name, which is zyradyl.moe. In keeping with my tradition of complete transparency, the domain was acquired through Gandi.net, after I found out that IWantMyName was unable to accept Discover cards. While I am still supportive of IWMN as a company, if they don’t accept my card it leaves me unable to use them.

Next, the DNS for this site is now handled through Cloudflare, which means that this site is now fully available via HTTPS with a valid SSL certificate. So, small victories.

While running through the process of updating the blog, I noticed several things were broken and went ahead and fixed those:

  • The “Site Version” link in the sidebar now properly links to the GitHub source repository.
  • A long standing issue with pagination has been corrected by updating to the jekyll-paginate-v2 gem, and rewriting the appropriate liquid blocks.
    • Github-Pages does not support the v2 gem. Therefore, the site has been downgraded back to the v1 gem, and the liquid blocks were cleaned up based on trial and error.
  • Related posts are now actually related! This is accomplished by iterating through tags at compile time and creating a list of related posts. While this may not always be accurate, it is far more accurate than the time based system jekyll uses by default.
  • A small issue has been corrected with the header file used across pages. There was a typo that was generating invalid HTML. It didn’t cause any visible issues, but it was a problem all the same.
  • The archive page now uses a new Liquid code block. This is to resolve the long standing </ul> problem, where the code would generate trailing closing tags.
  • HTTPS links have been enforced across the board. I cannot promise the site that you visit will have a valid SSL certificate, but we will certainly try to redirect the connection over SSL now.

HTML proofer is still throwing a few errors related to my consistent use of the Introduction and Conclusion headers, but these are not actual errors.

  • Even these errors have been fixed. HTMLProofer now returns a completely safe site.

I’m also in the process of going back through previous posts and cleaning up the YAML front matter. While this front-matter previously had very little impact on the site, it now can matter quite a lot with the way the related posts system works.